Strength Training

Strength and conditioning is increasingly popular for men and women looking to improve fitness, muscle tone, body composition or sporting performance. With our comprehensive training programs we will help you develop the results you want through resistance training and equip you with the skills to take into the future. With a short phone call we can have you booked in for a trial session and ready to start your personalised training plan in no time at all.

Body Conditioning

A common misconception in sport and fitness is that you can stay in shape just by partaking in specific sports. However the areas worked are often limited and don’t lend to steady improvement and well balanced fitness - for this the answer is conditioning exercises. Our wide variety of exercise and training methods are constructed to be challenging and enjoyable, so you can achieve an all encompassing base of fitness going forward. Simply phone in and one of our trainers will be ready to book you for a session at a time of your choice.

Functional Training

The philosophy behind functional training is essentially the training of naturally occurring movements, so you can achieve a more balanced body and level of fitness. Rather than singling out a single muscle, functional training challenges entire muscle systems for a ‘smart workout’ that enhances balance and instills a rounded base of fitness for healthy everyday living. Sound like a workout you could use? Then do not hesitate to contact us today.

Nutritional Advice

Working with you and your body’s specific needs, we will develop in you a nutritional lifestyle that will enable you to achieve your aims in fitness or weight loss efficiently and healthily. Our expert team are fully trained in nutritional advice and will construct for you totally personalised plans for a healthy lifestyle and to aid any training programs you might be on. We want to instill in you a habit of healthy eating that you will take with you into the future and someone is on call to start you down this road whenever you’re ready. Simply give us a call today.

Weight Management

Our weight management and body transformation programmes have been fine tuned to provide our clients with a combination of training and nutritional advice to achieve your goal weight. We promise to re-wire you out of bad habits and instill the desire to take on new healthy eating and training routines, so you can carry on improving your all round fitness into the future. With our gimmick-free approach, we guarantee you will achieve the weight you’ve always dreamed of and be astounded by the results. So get in touch and start your plan in no time at all.


Physiotherapy carried out incorrectly can more often than not totally fail to remedy someone of their issue and in rare cases cause more, longer lasting damage than was there initially. A large part of this is the urge to treat the injury, not the individual and this is where it can go wrong. That is why our rehabilitation and treatment service is always finely tuned to a person's unique makeup, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Whether it is a sports injury, postural issue or muscular imbalance, our qualified physiotherapists will perform meticulous diagnoses and implement cutting-edge treatments to carefully bring you back to full fitness. For more details on the therapy we provide give us a call today.


Yoga is the perfect exercise for strengthening and stretching muscles, working out imbalances across your body and supporting your progress in rehabilitation following any injuries. Offering personal and small group training and yoga sessions, our fully qualified instructors will get you moving better with ease and fluidity, become leaner and structurally stronger by addressing postural dysfunction, leaving you feeling relaxed and your body rejuvenated. Get in touch today to book your session now.


The aim of successful pilates is to improve posture and joint alignment, thereby targeting back pain and general joint pain. This has tangible ramifications for a person’s overall ability to train well and achieve a balanced level of fitness across a whole body. For sport and athletic conditioning, pilates will allow you to optimise on efficiency during exercises, improve flexibility, core strength and develop a base of muscular strength without looking bulky. Known to be great for rehabilitation, spine mobility, posture and coordination, pilates really is something for everyone. Simply call us up and book today.


With our state of the art technology and team of qualified physiotherapists, our biomechanical analysis allows us to build detailed pictures of how your body functions. Perfect for avid sportsmen that are looking to address specific niggles that reduce performance, for rehabilitation after substantial injury or for simply improving on functionality by assessing technique and posture. This allows us to develop a treatment and training regime completely tailored to yours needs. So get in touch and find out whether you could benefit from a biomechanical treatment.


Sports massages are enjoyable and beneficial for everyone regardless of whether or not it is used as part of rehabilitation from injury or if you are a sportsperson. Our fully trained physiotherapists using proven techniques will ensure that your muscles are working effectively and balanced for healthy daily exertion or regular training programme. Perhaps you’re training for an event - a comprehensive sports massage will reduce your chance of injury and set you up for a quick recovery afterwards. So regardless of your needs, a sports massage is hugely beneficial to a generally healthy lifestyle and with a quick phone call you could be booked in for a session today.